Saturday, April 23, 2016

AVEVA Engage Transforms Collaborative Decision-Making with Microsoft Tech

CAMBRIDGE, UK, Apr 23, 2016 - AVEVA announced that AVEVA Engage is supported on Microsoft Surface Hub. This move brings AVEVA’s revolutionary new decision support platform for Capital Projects and Operating Assets onto the powerful team collaboration device from Microsoft that is designed to advance the way people work together naturally.

Be it a capital project, or the minute by minute operation of a complex asset, engineers and operators are faced with important decisions throughout the life cycle. Access to accurate, relevant information is essential. In the project phase, this access minimizes the risks of budget or schedule overrun and in operations, it minimizes risks to safety and production.

AVEVA Engage addresses these issues by blending ultra high-definition 3D visualization with instant information access from multiple document and data sources. It transforms the decision-making process and utilizes the collaboration capabilities of Windows 10 and Office 365 to extend reach across disciplines. AVEVA Engage showcases the possibilities of Surface Hub in the capital project environment by giving the ultimate interactive large screen experience, helping discipline engineers collaboratively solve some of the largest engineering challenges in the industry.

'We worked closely with leading names in the industry to create AVEVA Engage’, said Dave Wheeldon, CTO, AVEVA. 'AVEVA Engage reflects the company’s commitment to extending the ways in which customers can access and interact with their Digital Assets. Capable of running on the largest format 84-inch Surface Hub, AVEVA Engage enables the 3D model to be interrogated quickly, simply and intuitively through traditional touchscreen gestures, and recall relevant and trusted asset information with the touch of a screen. Operating on Microsoft Windows 10, AVEVA Engage applies new techniques to maximize visual understanding which allow our customers to substantially improve collaborative decision-making in areas such as design reviews, construction planning and integrated operations.

‘AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach ensures there is always an accurate digital representation of each physical asset allowing engineering contractors, Owner Operators and shipbuilders to work more safely, more efficiently and with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations.’

Brett Shoemaker, Director, Go-To-Market Services at Microsoft Corp, says, “We’re thrilled to see our partners delivering digital tools that facilitate brainstorming and problem-solving. Customers will benefit from AVEVA Engage on Surface Hub bringing the right people together effectively.”

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