Friday, August 28, 2015

ODA Appoints Sergey Vishnevetsky as Director of Development
PHOENIX, AZ, Aug 28, 2015 - Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the appointment of Sergey Vishnevetsky as its new Director of Development.

Vishnevetsky joined the ODA in 2002 as a software developer and was involved in the early stages of the Teigha platform, before its first release. His ability to solve engineering problems along with his technical knowledge and experience led to his appointment as Development Manager in 2013.

“I have gained great satisfaction from addressing complex development tasks and enabling the ODA to bring the Teigha project from concept through to a mature and widely used product,” he said. “I enjoy the fact that my job demands creative vision as well as organizational management and team leadership.”

ODA President, Neil Peterson, said “Sergey has a thorough understanding of system analysis, design and testing plus solid experience in CAD application development. In addition he has built a high-performance development team, which focuses on the strategic aspects of software development as well as urgent day-to-day-tasks.”

Before joining the ODA Vishnevetsky worked on various research and development projects in the areas of visual representation and data storage. He has extensive experience of software optimization, working with a range of platforms and languages. His areas of knowledge include the full software life cycle process; object oriented analysis and design; Agile software development; and CAD.

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