Friday, September 26, 2014

Open Design Alliance Releases 3D PDF Support for Teigha
PHOENIX, AZ, Sep 26, 2014 - Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the release of a 3D PDF component for Teigha, its software development platform for engineering applications. This component can be used to export a .dwg or .dgn file to PRC-based 3D PDF (Portable Document Format). 

The accurate and highly compressible PRC file format is optimized to store, load and display 3D data such as geometry, assembly structures and product manufacturing information. PRC files encapsulated within PDF, an open standard, can be viewed universally which means that detailed 3D designs can be widely communicated.

PRC-based PDF files can be easily archived yet original 3D information will always be accessible for design reuse and revision within CAD, CAD and CAE systems.

"Our members have expressed a strong interest in 3D PDF and the versatility it provides," comments Neil Petersen, ODA President. "This new Teigha functionality gives them an additional option for storing and sharing 3D information."

The component is also intended for use as a stand-alone PRC library. An alpha release of the Teigha PRC component is available to members on the ODA website:

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